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How it works

1. Remove a Kinder Baby Pre-Sterilized Disposable Liner from the box, drop into the Kinder Baby Bottle.
2. Fill the liner with cooled boiled water and add the recommended amount of formula. (Make sure the water you use is not boiling hot. It needs to be the temperature you would feed your baby with).
3. Cap Bottle and Shake.
4. Hold bottle upright and squeeze liner from below until liquid fills the nipple. This removes unwanted air from the liner.
5. Test temperature on wrist before feeding. You are now ready to feed your baby.
6. Remove the liner after feeding and discard.
7. Wash all bottle parts with gentle cleanser and warm water. Use new liner in next feed.

Unlike normal plastic or glass feeding bottles, the Kinder Baby Feeding System leaves no room for milk deposits on the inside of bottles which can be hard to wash off and a hazard to your child. With the Kinder Baby Disposable Liners, you never have to worry about proper sterilization because they are already pre-sterilized.

They are very easy to fill allowing for one-handed prepartion due to the perfect way the liners fit into the bottles. No messing around.They are also very easy to use, hold their shape well when being filled, and the fact that they collapse around the breastmilk or formula, keeps air from getting into baby’s tummy, something all parents try to avoid.


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