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Dealing with inflant reflux, tummy aches and spit ups

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Reflux, spit-ups and tummy aches - a parent's worst nightmares when it's happening to your baby. Why does it happen?

Reflux happens when food and stomach acide go back up into the oesophagus and sometimes causes baby to spit up, while tummy aches are a result of baby ingesting air during feeding. 

The end result is that while baby is enjoying feeding time, a few minutes later, they are in excruciating pain, screaming the house down.

Breast fed babies don't have any problem with ingesting air during feeding because there is no air in breasts. Bottle fed babies are, unfortunately, not as lucky. Most bottles usually have air which has no other way out, except to get into your baby's tummy while they feed and make them very uncomfortable. 

There are many remedies for dealing with reflux and tummy aches. However, while they work, both you and your baby suffer.

The only alternative that prevents reflux and tummy aches from arising is using a bottle which simply does not allow air to be ingested with the milk in the first place.

The Kinderbaby bottle does exactly that. It is designed with liners which collapse as baby drinks milk ensuring no air gets into your baby's tummy during feeding. This helps with tummy aches, reflux and spit ups, resulting in happier healthier babies. 

The added bonus is because the Kinderbaby nipples are shaped like natural breasts, it makes alternating between breast feeding and bottle feeding easier. 

Give it a go and see for yourself the difference Kinderbaby makes to your baby.

Happy feeding!

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